Ladies and gentlemen, it’s ON.


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Hey y’all,

just a quick update for today – I finally found a place to stay for my first foray into self-exile.

Destination: Spain.

Exact location: will be revealed only after my friends stop laughing at me.

Will be posting the Master List of Rules and Regulations on Friday – that should help explaining just how I’m doing it, with “it” being “travelling around for 14 months in search of a new country to live”.

Until then – I am so happy. I am.



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15 responses to “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s ON.

  1. Laughing friends? Who, the ones staying in this country? No way, I think you should be the one laughing.

    May your happiness be unlimited, ahoy Bridey!

  2. I love the way “Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds” is the automatically generated possibly related post 🙂
    Spain seems like a great start, I’m really happy for you.

  3. Good luck in Spain 🙂 it’s a great destination. Hope you also get a chance to visit something in Portugal.

  4. Well – back when it all began I was actually supposed to *start* from Portugal, but I had way too much trouble finding a sublet for Nov/Dec.

    I still hope to get there later in 2010.

  5. Mauro

    Just enjoy, bride.
    And let us know how the shit goes on, obviously. 😀

  6. scripta

    @your post: awwww!
    @your tags: no, i’m not.

  7. Can I say: “Hola hola hola vo’ a dormì nell’aiuola”?

  8. Can I say something else? … Portugal is a wicked country, really nice people, astonishing landscapes, marvellous cities, great places where to party, but, nuttin’ personal, in my experience Portugueses (men and women) are the ugliest people in Europe… Even Dutch men look prettier…

  9. coma

    i really don’t like spain.
    but hey, it’s better than here.

    you know, i was thinking about your previous post today at work.
    it seems that many women/girl are disappointed if you don’t make silly sexual remarks when they’re around.
    they seems to be more at ease with the kind of guy you describe.
    it’s kind of sad.
    hey, i did work for marrazzo in the last year!
    (seems an appropriate ending)

  10. weofp

    bienvenida en España, y si tu vas a llegar también en el país vasco, ongi etorri

  11. I haven’t laughed! Have I?

  12. gem

    You can say “the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain” now.

  13. ta

    I was listening to this song.
    It made me think about war bride and what she’s doing.
    Actually I think a lot about it, since she told it.
    What she’s doing hits whoever live in italy and is under 45.
    We all know why.

    (good luck, alligator)

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